About Us


How do We Work

We shall involve local residents to aquire knowledge for self development. We shall involve local residents as volunteers whose activities shall be regularly supported by village Coordinator. We shall encouraged village volunteers and coordinators to elect/select block coordinator. All block coordinator will be associated for election/selection of District coordinator.. All district coordinator shall be associated for State Coordinator election/selection.


Beneficiaries Selection Process

Our beneficiaries will constitute our volunteers who are willing to accept changes and modifications in their existing way of working. All seelcted volunteers shall be given option to choose one or two vocation which shall be suitable to their skills, efficiency and surrounding environment.


How do beneficiaries get Benefits

Beneficiaries shall get benefits in the following ways:

1. Seek Training for vocation

2. Get financial assistance and grants from different agencies

3. Collective procurement of raw materials and marketing of finished procts.

4. Assured better yield by guaranteed  sale price

Our Programs


Village Upliftment

Himalayan Foundation for Reverse Migration works towards upliftment of living standard at villages by providing them knowledge about appropriate technology and suitable vocations to increase their income level through establishing village Knowledge Centre.  It shall disseminate knowledge through villagers meet, seminars, booklets, pamphlets etc. Further, it will endeavour for continuous upgradation of their skill, health, nutrition and infrastructure by creating a team of volunteers / trainers. By imparting relevant knowledge, it will motivate rural folk to adopt improved tradition and non-traditional agricultural and allied activities like fisheries, bee farming, sericulture, animal husbandry etc. as an integrated package in collective manner to enhance income and overall living standard. The foundation shall induce people to adopt participatory or collective efforts instead of individualistic efforts to reduce cost of production, transportation and marketing at their end and to enable them to get maximum price of their produce on the other hand. It shall organise  training courses both short-term  and long term for skill development. It will also host mass awareness programme to impart knowledge about modified version of tradition vocations and new vocations, technologies, or solutions. It will also guide villagers about various programmes, grants, subsidies or facilities provided by the State/Central Governments and other institutions such as KVIC, SC/ST finance corporation, NABARD etc. 


Healthcare Services: h


The foundation is committed to provide health care assistance to poor and needy people residing in remote villages through Mobile Medical Units/ ambulances. The foundation shall train people or family members of ill and handicapped person how to extend first aid or regular support for improvement of their conditions. The foundation shall arrange or operate Mobile Medical units/ambulances through close coordination with other agencies like State/Central Governments hospitals and any other charitable institutions already operating in the vicinity. It shall also arrange /organise health camps for terminal health check up and medical assistance in remote villages. It shall operate mobile vans for providing services for last rites of the deceased persons free of cost.


Sports Awareness and Talent Search


Sports are essential for developing all round personalities through physical, emotional, mental and psychological activities. It is universal fact that the villagers are found physically and mentally stronger than the persons living in urban areas, but they are not able to  represent our nation in various national and international competition due to lack of proper infrastructure and training in addition to financial resources. The foundation is committed to promote awareness among the villagers from their childhood by identifying and supporting bright sports person. The foundation shall seek assistance from the STAT/Central Government or any other institution inclined to provide necessary infrastructure at schools and colleges. The foundation shall frame yearly calendar for organising different sports events to encourage youth to participate in any sport of their choice.  The foundation shall endeavour to provide technical and financial support by way of intensified training and scholarship.


Elevate Education Standard

Of late, we observe that quality of education has deteoriated drastically during past three decades as most of the primary and secondary schools are managed by State Governments at village level. These obsolete institutions are imparting education without updating syllabus keeping in view the pace of changes taking place in the field of information and technology. Although , there are certain schools under Navodaya Vidyalaya Sanghathan and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghathan which are providing quality education, yet these are not enough to meet requirement of the villages. Education being a subject of Concurrent list of our Constitution, both Central and State Governments are imparting education through their institutional network. However, the State Governments are not only lacking in quality but also in quantity of education as adequate number of technical institution like Industrial Training Institutions, Politechnical, management institutions, Indian Institute of Technology, medical colleges etc. are not open in rural or semi-urban areas.

The Himalayan Foundation for Reverse Migration is committed to address the above issues by taking up necessary support from State/Central Government to revamp education system to meet requirement of present time. The foundation shall conduct detail survey of primary and secondary schools to find out quality of education imparted and actual requirements. Thereafter, the foundation shall chalk out strategy /plan for improvement of primary and secondary education in particular and education as a whole in general for which the foundation shall approach State/ Central Government and other agencies to establish institutional network for providing vocational education by reviewing present network.

The foundation shall emphasise for providing computer facilities at all primary and secondary schools by approaching State/Central Government or other agencies. The foundation shall constitute a group of volunteers to seek regular feedback about quality education and thereafter it shall apprise the concerned authorities to initiate remedial measures for improvement. The foundation shall approach the concerned agencies to replace obsolete curriculum by introducing appropriate updated syllabus. The foundation shall organise inter school/college debates, quizs, seminars and other competitions to develop personalities of youths. The foundation shall introduce scholarships for poor and bright students for further education.


Encourage Art, Culture and Heritage


The foundation is committed to conservation of art, culture and rich heritage by encouraging people to pursue their traditional dances, music, instruments etc. wherever they live. The foundation shall endeavour to rejuvenate art, culture and heritage which are at the verge of extinguishing due to mass exodus from villages to urban areas as there is high possibility after new generation would adopt culture of place where they reside after migration.What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


Help to Elderly and Handicapped People


The foundation is committed to assist elderly and handicapped persons in rural areas who are neglected lot due to non-availability of proper treatment and assistance to facilitate them to live dignified life. The foundation shall provide help through common catering and caring home for elderly persons and handicapped who are either forced to live in villages without adequate assistance from their children or not having sufficient resources to have both end meet. The foundation shall provide necessary medical facilities to such elderly and handicapped persons at their doorsteps.


Conservation of Environment


The foundation is committed to conserve water, forest and other natural resources for sustainable use. The foundation shall involve local residents especially ex-servicemen  to conserve forest resources and  to restore water sources which are likely to dry for ever by initiating afforestation or fresh plantation of trees. The foundation shall endeavour to rejuvenate old ponds, canals or dams etc


Disaster Preparedness

  The foundation is committed to create awareness about disaster management at the time of natural calamities like earthquate, landslide, floods etc. The foundation shall enrol volunteers who will be trained to its volunteers to meet such exigencies as there were meagre and unprofessional approach by the State/ Central Government agencies during earthquate in 1990 at Asmora in Uttarkashi District and floods and landslide in Kedarnath area of Chamoli District in 2013. The foundation shall design proper network for providing assistance at local level at the time of such situation by taking of the matter with State/Central Government or other agencies. The foundation shall take lead to coordinate relief arrangement so that an adequate and urgent assistance is provided to target groups.  What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


Empowerment of Women

We are comiitted for  improving working conditons,  safety,  security, educational knoledge, vocational skill and  equal opportunities to women folk of rural India in general and hilly areas in particular.